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2023 Newsletters

April 2024

  • Market Thawing as More ‘Mortgage Lock’ Homes Go Up for Sale
  • Real Estate Fraud Risk is on the Rise; Victims are Sounding the Alarm
  • Fannie Mae’s Title Insurance Pilot Program Overreaches
  • 3 Common Misconceptions About Password Security
  • How Will AI Change Content Creation?
  • Top 5 Real Estate Innovations to Watch Out For
  • Application Payment Index Tracks Home Affordability
  • Report Uncovers Hidden Costs of Homeownership
  • What’s the Latest with Mortgage Rates?
  • The 3 Strategic Pillars Behind Every Winning Content Strategy
  • The Importance of Prioritizing Patience and Kindness in Business
  • 4 Tactics for Honing Your Leadership Language
  • What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Housing Market
  • Homeowners Are More Satisfied Than Renters
  • Pending Home Sales Surge in the Midwest but Slump in Pricier Regions
  • Empower Financial Futures: Explore the ‘Get a Life’ Program

March 2024

  • From Barrier Breakers to Industry Leaders: A Tribute to Women in Real Estate
  • Surge in Mortgage Applications Sparks Optimism for Spring Homebuying Season
  • Governor Justice Proposes $50 Million for Affordable Housing in West Virginia
  • 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Meet New People With Confidence
  • Leverage Tech Installation Experts in the Homebuilding Process
  • Digital Closings Transform the Borrower Experience
  • This is the Magic Mortgage Rate to Rev the Housing Market Back Up
  • Finding Hope Amid Rising Mortgage Rates: Insights for Homebuyers
  • Buyers Willing to Purchase Tiny Homes, Fixer-Uppers to Attain Homeownership
  • 5 Ways Video Can Make Your Content Marketing More Effective
  • Emerging Social Media Trends in 2024
  • 5 Essential Learning and Development Topics for Financial Services Firms
  • Survey Reveals Persistent Desire for Homeownership
  • How the 2024 Election Could Impact the Market
  • Stuck at Home: The Growing Trend of Young Adults Living with Parents
  • Nominate Your 2024 Wonder Woman: Celebrating WV’s Inspirational Leaders

February 2024

  • Black History Month: Celebrating the History of African Americans in Commercial Real Estate
  • Federal Reserve Aims to Proceed Carefully With Rate Cuts
  • WV Housing Market Expected to Improve This Year
  • 4 Practical Ways for Businesses to Manage Cyber Risk in 2024
  • Virtual Home Staging Gains Popularity
  • Why Facial Recognition Tech Shouldn’t Be Trusted
  • What Will Happen to Home Prices if Mortgage Rates Fall?
  • Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2024
  • Buyers Willing to Purchase Tiny Homes, Fixer-Uppers to Attain Homeownership
  • Managers Who Show Appreciation Have Much Happier Workers
  • What to Say Instead of ‘I’m Sorry’
  • Create an Action Plan For Your 2024 Business Goals
  • Rise in Sellers Boosts Housing Inventory
  • More Shoppers Are Touring Homes–But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Buying
  • More Single Women Become First-Time Homebuyers
  • Tips and Tricks For Managing Time Blindness

January 2024

  • Federal Reserve Heads Into 2024 Ready to Cut Interest Rates
  • WV Lawmaker Proposes Homestead Exemption Expansion for Senior Citizens
  • What Will Buyers and Sellers Prioritize in 2024?
  • Creative Strategies to Drive the Market in 2024
  • The Evolving Digital Frontier
  • Fostering the Future of Fintech
  • 3 Mortgage Rate Scenarios That Could Occur in 2024
  • The Housing Sector is Coming Out of the Doldrums
  • Falling Mortgage Rates Have Boosted Homebuying Power
  • Heading Into 2024, What Are Three Ways to Stand Out?
  • The Best Mortgage Podcasts to Follow in 2024
  • How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work
  • Boost in New Listings Shakes Up the Market
  • 2024 Commercial Real Estate Outlook
  • 5 Year Housing Market Predictions
  • Measuring the Effect of Snow on Home Values

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