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2022 Newsletters

May 2022

  • Homebuyers are Navigating an Ever-Changing Market
  • Housing Market Inventory Could Peak in Summer 2022
  • Eliminating Bias In Appraisals
  • How to guard against losing your assets to wire fraud: A growing cybersecurity threat
  • Desktop appraisals: bringing the home to the appraiser
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages are gaining in popularity. Here’s how to know if one is right for you.
  • Americans Buying Smaller Homes
  • The Housing Gender Gap Widens Nationwide
  • How lenders can navigate a shifting market with non-QM loan options
  • What To Do When You Feel Stuck At Work
  • It’s time to review your affiliated business disclosure
  • Experts: Collaboration Key to Solving Housing Crisis
  • A more “normalized” housing market is on the horizon
  • Mortgage rates drop slightly for first time in weeks
  • Sale-to-List Price Ratio Hits All-Time High

April 2022

  • Low Inventory Fuels Homebuyer Competition This Year
  • Why Title Insurance is Essential
  • How the Housing Market Has Changed Since March 2020
  • How Could Tokenization Reshape Real Estate Investing?
  • How to Prepare for Russian Cyberattacks
  • Cash-out Refis Reach $1.2T in 2021, Highest Level Since 2005
  • Rising Interest Rates May Be a Good Thing for Home Prices
  • Thank Goodness for Mortgage Insurance
  • More Single Women Own Homes Than Men
  • Latinos are a Growing Force in the Housing Market
  • With Home Prices Soaring, a Record Number of U.S. Properties is Now Worth $1M
  • How Community Banks Can Grow With Confidence
  • Homes Earned More for Owners Than Their Jobs Last Year
  • Bidding War Competition Heightens
  • Rental and Home Prices Expected to Rise Even More this Year

March 2022

  • The 2022 Real Estate Market is Set to be Hot
  • FHFA Heading in a Different Direction Under the Biden Administration
  • Good News For U.S. Banks as Economy Rebounds
  • In 10 Years, the Housing Market Has Doubled
  • New Construction on the Rise
  • These Houses Take Just Weeks to Build
  • Home Price Growth Continue at Double-digit Pace
  • 65% of Women Would Buy a Home Without Being Married First
  • Millennial Demand Continues to Fuel Housing Market
  • Americans’ Inflation Fears Decline for the First Time in Over a Year
  • 5 Powerful Ways to Support Women
  • The 10 Best Markets for First-Time Homebuyers in 2022
  • Borrowers rush to get the last of the low mortgage rates, with refinances jumping 18%
  • Affordable Homes Sales Outperform Luxury Homes
  • Time to “spring clean” your marketing?

February 2022

  • Mortgage Rate Increases
  • Home Price Appreciation Continues to Accelerate
  • Alanna McCargo Officially Named Ginnie Mae President
  • Homebuying Bots Enter the Real Estate Market
  • Residential Cruise Ship Offering a ‘More Affordable’ Life at Sea
  • Congress Zooms in on Cybersecurity After Banner Year of Attacks
  • Purchase Loans Drive Mortgage Applications Higher
  • Five Trends For the Housing Market in 2022
  • 5 ways managers can talk about mental health at work without overstepping
  • Most Competitive Housing Market
  • Setting Professional Resolutions in 2022
  • Is Your Brand Voice Loud Enough?
  • Virginia Family Gets Keys to Habitat for Humanity’s First 3-D Printed Home in the US.
  • Tampa Bay is Zillow’s Hottest Housing Market for 2022
  • Americans Borrowed Record $1.61 Trillion to Buy Homes in 2021
  • Consumer Confidence Rises Amid Omicron Spread, High Prices

January 2022

  • Exciting Expectations for the 2022 Real Estate Market
  • Thanks, Millennials!
  • Biden Nominates Sandra Thompson as FHFA Director
  • Ginnie Mae Has First Senate-confirmed Leader in Five Years
  • Convergence of Fintech and Banking is Transforming Business Lending
  • Mortgage Applications are Up, On the Strength of FHA Refis
  • US Housing Starts Rise More Than Forecast to Eight-Month High
  • Title Insurance Industry Reports Best Quarter on Record
  • 5 ways managers can talk about mental health at work without overstepping
  • Jobless Claims Drop to Lowest Mark Since 1969
  • Values That Create A Strong Company Culture
  • Remote Work Shifts Buying Habits
  • Retirees May Want to Consider Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Prices Hit Record High As Supply Hits Record Low

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