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2022 Newsletters

January 2022

  • Exciting Expectations for the 2022 Real Estate Market
  • Thanks, Millennials!
  • Biden Nominates Sandra Thompson as FHFA Director
  • Ginnie Mae Has First Senate-confirmed Leader in Five Years
  • Convergence of Fintech and Banking is Transforming Business Lending
  • Mortgage Applications are Up, On the Strength of FHA Refis
  • US Housing Starts Rise More Than Forecast to Eight-Month High
  • Title Insurance Industry Reports Best Quarter on Record
  • 5 ways managers can talk about mental health at work without overstepping
  • Jobless Claims Drop to Lowest Mark Since 1969
  • Values That Create A Strong Company Culture
  • Remote Work Shifts Buying Habits
  • Retirees May Want to Consider Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Prices Hit Record High As Supply Hits Record Low

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