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2021 Newsletters

November 2021

  • Consumers agree: community banks are the heart of the financial system
  • Mortgage rates persist in their ascent, hitting six-month highs
  • New HUD rule aimed at preventing public housing evictions
  • Button Tech To Further Finance Fintech
  • The Future of Real Estate Transactions on the Blockchain
  • U.S. Consumer Watchdog Eyeing Big Tech, Lending Competition as Recovery Unfolds
  • Demand For Homes Through the Roof
  • No Sign of the Typical Fall Slowdown in Homebuying
  • Demand For Second Homes Jumps in September
  • New Model for Affordable Housing
  • Hispanics Are Outpacing Other Groups in Housing Market
  • Hottest Housing Markets in America
  • Self Employed? It May Now Be Easier to Get a Mortgage
  • Homes Selling at Faster Pace this Fall
  • States Where Home Prices Have Gone Up the Most
  • Home Price Growth Remained at Record Pace In August

October 2021

  • The Housing Market Forecast for the Rest of 2021, According To Realtors
  • ALTA: Title premium volume up 56 percent
  • AI is Taking Over the Housing Market, What this Means for Homebuyers
  • Digital Mortgage Closing Could Be Legal in All 50 States by 2022, says Experts
  • California Governor Signs Law to Allow Up to 4 Housing Units to Replace Single-Family Lots
  • Mortgage Payments 67% Increase
  • Housing Market Expected to Remain Stable as COVID Protections End
  • New Homes Sales Recovery Continues in August
  • Job Openings Hit Another Record High in July
  • Bands Consider Climate Risk for Home Loans
  • Home Builder Confidence as Housing Demand Remains Strong
  • Hottest Housing Markets in America
  • Mortgage Payments for New Homebuyers are Rising 67% Faster than Renters
  • Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

September 2021

  • It may seem like an unnecessary cost. But title insurance is important, and here’s why.
  • Fannie Mae again boosts forecast as refi mortgage market stays strong
  • Bitcoin Mortgage Payments
  • Mortgage E-closings Making Refinancing Easier than Ever
  • Are Floating Cities the Future of Real Estate?
  • Where the Youngest and Oldest Homeowners Live
  • 3 Mortgage Trends that Define the Remainder of 2021
  • Mortgage Applications up 2.8% Amid Job Gains
  • Returning to the Office May Relieve Burnout
  • FHFA’s Priorities Rapidly Changing Under New Leadership
  • Putting Workers at the Center of Long-Term Planning
  • Urban Commercial Real Estate is Here to Stay
  • Median Home Prices Soaring Since 2019
  • Mortgage Services Got High Marks From Consumers During Pandemic

August 2021

  • Fintech: The Future of Real Estate
  • Title Insurance: 1 Wire Fraud: 0
  • Online Mortgage Closings
  • Mortgage Applications Jump 16%
  • What are Homebuyers Craving?
  • Mortgage Rate Forecast Q3
  • Lead Title Insurers Best Quarter Yet
  • Investors Snapping Up Single-Family Houses
  • Prioritizing Cybersecurity
  • Housing Shortage May be No More
  • Millennials Still Driving the Market
  • Rental Assistance Before Eviction Ban Expires

July 2021

  • Homebuyers’ Desire to Move to New Metro Still Strong
  • Preparing for a Shift in the Housing Market
  • Biden Administration Making It Easier for Student Loan Borrowers to Get a Mortgage
  • New Hotel Business Model
  • Title Standards in the Digital Age
  • What is I-Buying?
  • Mortgage Rates Down 3% – Grab Em While You Can
  • National Eviction Ban Extended Through July
  • U.S. Mortgage Applications Rise
  • How Brands Can Succeed Post-Pandemic
  • Refinancings Lead Title Insurers to Best Quarter Yet
  • Will We See a “Normal” Housing Market Again?
  • Millennials are the Most Optimistic about Housing Market

June 2021

  • Are homebuyers happier after moving to a new metro?
  • U.S. to give ransomware hacks similar priority as terrorism
  • The huge tax break for home seller’s: What to know about the $500,000 exemption
  • Technology Continues to Reduce Closing Times
  • Why Hotels are the Next Senior Housing Platform
  • What Makes an Online Marketplace Disruptive?
  • Late Commercial Mortgages at Lowest Level Since Pandemic Began
  • What’s Holding Up the Confirmation of the Next CFPB Chief?
  • Millions of Americans Could Face Eviction as Housing Protection Expires in June
  • Forget Brand Loyalty. Here’s Why You Should Strive for ‘Brand Intimacy’ Instead
  • Housing Market Update: Pending Sales Dropping
  • How Bad will the 2021 Hurricane Season Be?
  • High-End Home Sales Surge Nearly Twice as Fast as Sales of Mid-Priced Homes

May 2021

  • Why Confident Sellers are Good News for Mortgage Professionals
  • Analysis: How Biden’s Tax Plan Would Reshape CRE Investment
  • What the Housing Market Looks Like so Far in 2021 – And What That Means for the Rest of the Year
  • The Multifamily Industry is Ripe for Innovation: What’s Standing in the Way?
  • Big Banks See Gains in Mortgage Originations
  • The Surprising Reason the Nation may Avoid Another Foreclosure Crisis
  • FHFA Extends COVID-Related Loan Flexibilities
  • Four Ways Managers Can Get the Best from their Employees
  • Housing Market Inventory is Starting to Recover
  • Pending Home Sales Break Out of Slump as Demand Increases
  • Marketing tip

April 2021

  • Introducing our newest team member!
  • Changes Loom for a Post-Pandemic Housing Market
  • A fixer-upper in DC received 76 all-cash offers and sold for $200,000 over the asking price
  • With Prices Surging, Farmland Is Now a Hot Commodity
  • Innovation
  • Will rising mortgage rates dampen buyer demand?
  • A slight drop in mortgage rates didn’t stop the bleeding in refinances
  • Research: A little recognition can provide a big morale boost
  • Four reasons you’re tired of Zoom calls — and what to do about it
  • Just how well is the state housing market doing during COVID-19?
  • Pandemic-fueled home-buying puts new pressure of Appalachia real estate market

March 2021

  • Mortgage Delinquency Rate Below 6 percent for the First Time in Nearly a Year
  • CFPB Goes on Hiring Spree as It looks to Ramp up Enforcement
  • Millennial and Gen Z Savings Priorities
  • The 4 biggest challenges of innovating in real estate
  • The rise of the iBuyer and what your real estate agency needs to compete
  • It’s still really difficult to get a mortgage, but getting easier
  • Millennials dominate refinancing frenzy
  • Biden administration may undo certain Trump-era mortgage rules
  • FHFA extends forbearance period to 18 months
  • How to stop being a follower and start being a leader
  • Why the first five minutes of a meeting shape its outcome
  • Homebuilders preparing for big 2021, data suggests
  • Housing market potential positioned for growth
  • Home prices see biggest jump since 2014 – worsening affordability challenges
  • Pending home sales drop, but there’s a silver lining
  • What do title insurance and basketball have in common?

February 2021 

  • Preparing for a (Modest) Rise in Mortgage Rates
  • CFPB Pick Chopra Expected to Quickly Expand Watchdog’s Reach
  • ALTA’s Premier Resource for State Regulations
  • Modernizing commercial real estate through technology transformation
  • Real estate innovation: The future of real estate
  • Technology and regulation: The mortgage industry’s balancing act
  • FHFA further extends foreclosure and eviction moratoriums
  • Mortgage underwriting challenges in the pandemic
  • How Bidens’ economic stimulus plan might impact housing
  • Could 2021 be the year of consolidation in mortgage lending?
  • How much vaccine information should you demand from employees?
  • Why modern HR requires rethinking the old-school employee handbook
  • COVID couldn’t stop the U.S. housing market in 2020
  • The best real estate markets in 2021
  • Understanding the seasonal patterns of mortgage rates
  • Life is stressful. Send us your pet photos.

January 2021

  • 5 ways business leaders can support employees this year
  • Could 2 percent define mortgage rates for the next decade?
  • Take these steps to prevent wire fraud during a real estate transaction
  • Real estate technology adoption in a post-pandemic world
  • Here are four accelerated technology trends impacting the 2021 commercial real estate market
  • RON transactions increase 547 percent in 2020
  • Mortgage interest rates forecast: Will rates rise in 2021?
  • Top opportunities for growth in mortgage banking in 2021
  • U.S. sees its third consecutive week of forbearance plan increases
  • The mortgage industry is ripe for blockchain in 2021
  • When do we really need face-to-face interactions?
  • 5 things to consider when building a business
  • The supermarket effect on home values
  • Residential spending continues to lead construction numbers
  • Will we have a buyer’s housing market in 2021?

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