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2023 Newsletters

March 2023

  • Trailblazing West Virginia Women
  • First-Time Homebuyer Programs in West Virginia
  • 2023 Real Estate Trends: What You Need to Know
  • Federal Panel Says Agencies Need to Focus on Harmonizing Cyber Regulations
  • Equifax Endorses Expanded Mortgage Credit Reports
  • Federal Measures to End the Homeless Crisis
  • Lock-In Effect Keeping Homeowners in Place
  • Average Monthly Mortgage Payments Near $2,000
  • Mortgage Lending Slumps Again in Q4
  • The Importance of Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace
  • 17 Best Time Management Tools you Need to Check Out
  • Artificial Intelligence – What Every Real Estate Broker and Agent Should Know
  • What the Housing Market Will Look Like by the End of Summer, According to Experts
  • Zillow: Experts Say Home Prices Will Grow Steadily Starting in ‘24
  • Study: Some Home Sellers Regret Pricing Homes Too Low
  • Adding Facebook Ads to Your Social Media Advertising

February 2023

  • Celebrating Influential Black West Virginians
  • Home Sellers are Making Big Profits
  • Additional Resources for Abuse Victims
  • New Generations of Home Tech Combine Style and Substance
  • Wire Fraud Advisory: Vacant Property Fraud
  • HUD Announces Communities Will Receive Grants to Address Homelessness
  • Average Mortgage Rate Moves Closer to 6%
  • Mortgage Applications Make Big Move
  • Americans are Moving Less, and it’s a Long-Term Trend
  • ALTA Best Practices: Review of Changes and Impact on Your Operation
  • 5 Mortgage Bank Marketing Strategies
  • This is How Managers Can Create High-Performing Teams
  • US Housing Market Shows Early Signs of Recovery as Demand Rises
  • Home Sellers Coming Off the Sidelines
  • 21 Real Estate Wins in Government Spending Package
  • February Social Media Trends and Tips

January 2023

  • All Cash Buyers Reappear After Pandemic
  • 2023 First-Time Homebuyer Programs and Grants
  • Returning to a More Balanced Market?
  • How the Cloud Accelerates Mortgage Innovation
  • Home Title Theft: How Homeowners Can Protect Themselves
  • How Cryptocurrency Will Impact Real Estate Financing
  • Rate Drops Fuel Uptick in House Hunting
  • Mortgage Rates End Slightly Lower After Starting Out Slightly Higher
  • Straight Talk on Sales Success
  • 39 Winning Quotes to Shift Your Mindset & Grow Your Business in 2023
  • 2022 Recap: Buzzwords That Sell Homes Faster
  • Redfin: Homes Linger on Market as Buyers Take Their Time
  • Backyards the Most Sought-After Home Feature
  • Price Drops Bringing Buyers Back to the Market

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