Dear Leader Put On Your Oxygen Mask First!

by Jeff Smith, CEO, Voltage Leadership
I have a feeling that this COVID-19 situation is going to be a marathon. I think it will take a while for this issue to peak in the U.S. and then the Coronavirus might come back in another wave or two. If this is a possibility, then we are going to have a new normal. This will require a new type of leadership from all of us, and I am encouraging leaders to not do an all-out sprint but to be thinking, “how do I lead my team through the next couple of tumultuous years”.  When the flight attendant teaches us to use the oxygen on an airplane, the first thing they tell you to do is put your mask on first before taking care of others. We must be able to breathe in order to help others. This is a great metaphor for the time we are living in.  Click HERE  to read on.
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