2014 WVBT Newsletter Archives

December 2014 Title Notes E-Blast

  • Four Things I Wish I Had Known in 1994
  • Build a Plan, Reach Your Goal
  • Providing Purpose for Bank Customers
  • Investors Title Announces YTD Performance
  • 5 Answers to Critical Homebuyer Questions That Prove You’re a Rock-Star Agent
  • Diversification In Your Bank’s Loan Portfolio That Makes a Difference
  • 6 Principles of Human-Centric Leadership

November 2014 Title Notes E-Blast

  • Leadership in the Shadow of Crisis
  • The Midterms are Over, But the Community Bank Battle Continues
  • Why Bank Boards Should Take a Hard Look in the Mirror
  • Build Your Real Estate Plan — Escape From Tomorrowland Today
  • Title Tip: A Friendly Reminder Regarding Construction Loan Policies and Affirmative Mechanic’s Lien Coverage
  • Study: Most First-Time Homebuyers Confused About Mortgage Process
  • Simple Segmentation for Improved Sales
  • Consumer Comfort in US Advances to Second-Highest Since 2008

October 2014 Title Notes E-Blast

  • Bold Regulatory Reforms Can Help Small Banks Survive
  • Have Community Banks Changed Enough?
  • Mel Watt and Julian Castro Announce Housing Policy Changes
  • CFPB Releases Updated Rules Readiness Guide
  • Title Tip – Quitclaim Deeds 101: What You Need to Know About These Property Transfer Documents
  • More than 80% of U.S. Homeowners Have Regrets About Their Purchase
  • Video: Do You Know What Consumers Want from a Real Estate Agent?
  • Here’s How Much Americans Owe on Mortgages in Every State
  • Successful Relationship Managers Are Partners to Their Clients
  • 28 Inspiring Quotes on Leadership in Business

September 2014 Title Notes E-Blast

  • Mortgage-Heavy Banks Fight for Higher Stock Valuations
  • Financially Healthy Employees Good for Business, Bureau Says
  • US Income Gap Widened During Economic Recovery: Federal Reserve
  • Closing Costs are Rising…Here’s Why
  • REALTORS Expect Modest Price Growth in Next 12 Months
  • Great Leaders Dig Into the Heart of Innovation
  • Your Place to Call Home: Title insurance protect you from the past
  • Title Insurance premium volume in 2Q dropped 16.6% YOY
  • Spotlight on Settlement: Keys to Success Part I – Communication
  • The Lost Art of the Hand Written Thank you Note
  • Grammar Tips: 26 Words That Can Leave the Wrong Impression if Used Incorrectly

August 2014 Title Notes E-Blast

  • WVBT launches new tag line and purpose statement.
  • Replay available of Loan Modifications and Your title Policy Webinar
  • Commercial Lending Drives Loan Growth for U.S. Regional Banks
  • The (High) cost of Mortgage Lending
  • The Future of Banking is Responsive
  • What Your Clients Should Know About Easements
  • How to Take Care of Your Team So They Take Care of You
  • Why You Should Always Recommend an Owner’s Title Policy – The Only Sure Things in Life are Death and Taxes
  • Spotlight on Settlement: Don’t be scared of the commercial closing
  • Title Tip: What Liens do NOT get wiped out upon foreclosure?
  • Five Tips for Feedback That Makes a Difference
  • The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo)
  • What value did you bring your customer today?
  • Grammar Tips: Every day or everyday?